Testimonials from Clients

Kerry Armstrong

Barfoot and Thompson March 2011

I took over a listing for a property which had been advertised for 3 months with another company but didn’t sell.

It was imperative that the property was given a new profile due to the marketing and website exposure it had with the previous company.

There were 2 options for my clients. Either they moved out and “staged” the home or we engaged the services of Denise Dryland to enhance the property with the existing furniture, but adding or removing items to create a “new look”.

My clients chose the latter and although initially taken aback with what they perceived to be criticism, very quickly came to see the purpose was to help them achieve a maximum price for their home.

Denise went the extra mile for my clients, even going so far as to physically help them move furniture around! Her vision and quick perception was able to give my clients fresh ideas and improve the overall look at minimum cost to them.

My conversations with Denise convinced me of her very professional qualities, her desire to achieve the best possible outcome for sellers and her empathetic approach to people. It is obvious she has a great understanding of real estate and the absolute need to present properties in the best possible way to achieve the best possible price.

I would not hesitate to use her services again or recommend her to sellers and colleagues.

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Jenny Le Noel of Bayswater

Denise Dryland recently helped us prepare our home for sale in Bayswater.  The house was listed in September 2010 and sold 3 weeks later for a price in excess of our Quotable Valuation.

This is result we asked for and the result that was delivered.From the start Denise came with enormous energy and knowledge. She received only one day’s notice that we needed help and arrived with a whirlwind of activity.

She was generous with her time and advise and quickly organised some help to decorate a couple of bare rooms.

I would unreservedly recommend Denise to anyone thinking of selling their home.

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My house sold, after Denise worked her “MAGIC”

An absolute transformation !!! Denise is certainly a “breath of fresh air”.  I was introduced to Denise through my Real Estate agent.  I was nervous and stressed about selling my house, as it had been on the market with no interest. Denise took me under her wing and turned my confidence and house around.

I was only interested in working with the possessions I had in my home. Denise was able to create an entirely fresh new look for me and potential buyers using her skills and eye for detail. I didn’t have to spend a dollar.

D Prebble of Remuera

I felt I got exceptional value from my two hour consultation with you.

You made me understand how a buyer would perceive our house.  It really did motivate me into a state of high action which resulted in a significant de-cluttering, some very careful cleaning and some specific changes to the way our house was presented. I will keep you posted on the success of our house sale.

I’d like to thank you for your advice and have not hesitation in recommending you to others.

Mary McLeod of Auckland City

“I consulted Denise as I was about to refurbish a large apartment for on selling.  Denise’s recommendations were low key, but exactly what was needed and I followed her advice to the letter.

The feedback from prospective buyers was, without exception, very complimentary and we had over 150 parties through the apartment in 2.5 week auction campaign. 7 parties bidding at the auction- and YES, WE ACHIEVED A GREAT SALE PRICE.  For me what was important as Denise’s ability with colours etc..was her enthusiasm for the project which was contagious and energizing for everyone she meet on the job.

Denise makes sure she and you are clear on the scope of works and the goals you hope to achieve before beginning her input. Her manner is then, candid, generous and tremendously supportive.  I would recommend Denise to anyone undertaking this type of work from small to large jobs. Her fee is a very small price to pay for the confidence she inspires”.

See the before and after photos here.

Kharma & Kent Sulzberger EMET Construction & Developments LTD

We were fortunate to meet Denise Dryland late 2009 just as we were beginning the process of doing up our first house to sell.

Denise visited our property and gave us a loads of ideas, everything from the design of the deck, colour schemes inside and outside, landscaping the gardens and grounds right through to tips for dressing the property.  Denise gave us very good sound practical advice on how to present the property for selling, mindful of us appealing to the widest range of potential buyers.

We feel the interior design services were well worth the money spent. Ultimately the result spoke for itself as the first people that viewed the property bought the property a week later. The new owners commented on how well the property was presented and we owe a good amount of that credit to Denise.

We highly recommend Denise Dryland and will be using her services again on our future development projects.

Click here to see how the property was presented after Denise’s input.

C Barker of Takapuna

“Denise Dryland provided me with an excellent service when it came time to consider a change of tack in the marketing of my home.

Working quickly to my critical advertising deadline, she visited my property and quickly provided me with a written report .  This gave me excellent insight on how a buyer may see my home, and more importantly, how to change that image to attract more buyers.

Her decisive advice stretched from the big issues, with referrals to contractors likely to assist with solution, to the smallest detail, which I could conclude with my hands.

With confidence of inspiring approach, I acted on her advice as soon as I could.  I recommend Denise´s consultancy service to anyone considering how best to sell their home.

J & D Hill of Northcote

“Denise Dryland decisively stepped into our home & rapidly recognised everything that would work for us and the things that needed to change.

Denise is able to remove the fear and confusion, allowing us to enjoy our home in a new light and feeling we have received good value, however constrained our budget may have been.  Transforming a house into a home is Denise’s specialised ability. Her service is confidential and non judgemental, geared very much to enhancing the value and potential that is already present. ”

M Shelly of Devonport

“Our home sold quickly and at a price we were pleased with. I have no doubt that Denise’s input contributed to this successful outcome.”

W & N Taylor of Torbay

Denise consulted with us on every aspect in our home

including furniture placement, advice on colour schemes, and some ideas for remodeling the house structure.  We found her ideas refreshing and innovative, coming up with some great ideas which we loved.  We would highly recommend her home presentation services.

Jackie Smith

Before Denise visited I had read about what needed to happen to get my house ready to sell. I thought that I understood and could do it myself.

We had already put a lot of our possessions in storage. And then I got stuck. Denise came through our house like a breath of fresh air. Her advice was frank and clear. “Move this, add that”. She tweaked our furniture, shuffled things around, and de-cluttered (even more). By the time our house was ready for market it looked like something from a magazine.
Her “down to earth” approach took in to account our budgetary constraints. She is quite non-pretentious. She can see at a glance exactly what needs to be done and then has the ability to help you see that too.
She’ll walk you through your house room by room and open your eyes to what is possible, and how it will look to a potential purchaser. Then she has a list of suggested contractors and contacts that can help out with any work to be done.
I have no hesitation in recommending Denise to anyone who is thinking of selling his or her home. Her advice could add thousands to your sell price and will certainly help it sell more quickly.

Sherelle Benson

Hello my name is Sherelle Benson. I have worked in the Real Estate industry for over 25 years.

I had the pleasure of meeting Denise Dryland back in August 2010, when she presented her home staging and interior design consultation business to our Harcourts Sales Team.

Since then, I have personally engaged Denise’s services on a number of occasions and will continue to do so. Clients have said that Denise’s interior design and home presentation skills are inspirational. Denise is full of enthusiasm and resourceful advice. When meeting Denise you immediately sense her energy, focus and passion for doing what is best for the vendor. She is quick and decisively steps in to makes solid, innovative recommendations that really motivate the vendor to take action.

I’m aware that Denise Dryland’s Interior Design and home Staging service is a relatively new concept to the Real Estate Industry, and is essentially required for most vendors. Denise’s presentation skills make a significant difference to both the value of a home and the speed that it sells.

When selling a home, most people are unable to move out of their homes and invest $1800 to $3500 in a total “Home Staging” package and also the added expense of a temporary rental property. No need to worry…… Denise’s ability of “staging” using your own décor and furnishings truly helps lift the perception of your home’s valuation, making it stand out from the rest.

I have no hesitation in recommending Denise Dryland www.interiordesignstaging.co.nz to anyone seriously wanting to maximize the value of their home.

Rabinda Bhujus

We met Denise Dryland  in October 2010 recommended through our Real Estate Consultant.

Denise comes with a very positive and uplifting energy with unsurpassable knowledge in staging a home for presentation and interior design. Denise was able to assist us at very short notice. She wasted no time from the moment she stepped into our home. Denise gave us very good sound practical advice on how to present the property for selling to the widest range of potential buyers.

She comes with an extensive knowledge and appreciation of colour schemes both inside and outs. Denise’s thorough inspection included landscaping the gardensright through to the best way for staging our home using our own existing furniture and decor. Saving us time and money.

We found Denise’s ideas refreshing and innovative, coming up with some resourceful ideas which we loved.  Denise was even generous enough to bring her own home presentation props then totally transforming the entire house for our all important photos for marketing the home.

We had very tight time restraints. Denise went beyond the call of duty. Truly transforming our house into a home.

We would highly recommend Denise Dryland Interior Design and Staging Services to anyone seriously thinking of selling their home.