About Denise Dryland 

 Denise founded her Auckland based Interior Design and Home Staging business following many years experience in interior styling, upgrading and remodelling a variety of residential homes, commercial and hospitality spaces. 

 Her valued clients comment on how “quick” she is to decisively step into any situation (personal or business), make solid, innovative recommendations that work wonders for her clients.

When you first meet Denise, you immediately sense her “ENERGY, FOCUS and PASSION “ for doing what is BEST for everyone, and her genuine authenticity.

She is instinctively aware of the importance of the “essence” of the home and the person, and is committed to creating maximum value for money, and personalises and customises all that she does.

Denise’s sought after experience and individual flare has seen her working for a variety of clients over the years, including top end home sellers, super yacht owners, furnishing and lighting designers, landscape gardeners, home catalogue publishers and television producers. Many of her personal interior concepts and fashion ideas have been featured in leading home magazines.

“Transformation” is what Denise is all about, bringing her special clients new energy and vitality, taking them to places they wouldn’t go themselves

In addition, Denise has had a variety of personal presentation clients as well, and has a keen eye to assist others to realise their personal potential and be the best they can be!